Wednesday, February 3, 2010


First Blog..

Back again I am to the world of blogging. I would consider my stint at LiveJournal a Blog but this is a little more straightforward. I could go on about everything that is Andrew Reagan but since I had once purpose to create this thing (school), I will stay on course. The reason is it was a requirement for my Honors University Colloquium class. I tried to nab and it was TAKEN! By some kid at VT.

Today we took a jaunt around campus to look at some of the habitats in the surrounding woodlands. It was pretty cool. A butterfly was the extent of wildlife sitings. It was an extremely nice day. I love the weather when it is hot in the sun but with the breeze its very cool.

I took my Sports Facility exam and I am sure I aced it - it was extremely straightforward and was directly from our handouts.

I am bored with this thing already..


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